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Committed to quality in medical tourism

Our mission

The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) seeks to advance safety and quality in treatment and care for medical tourists by encouraging, developing and supporting professional standards and practices, quality in patient care management, and understanding of the unique needs of medical travelers.

MTQUA encourages health care providers and others directly interacting with medical tourists to strive for higher standards of care management especially for traveling international patients.

What is quality in medical tourism?

Completing a successful medical journey involves more than a patient and a provider at home and at the medical destination.

Undertaking medical treatment in another country has a complexity in and of itself that is significantly different from having the same treatment at home. Little of this complexity is appreciated or understood within the medical tourism community.

It is our goal to shed light on this complexity, to demonstrate, to report and to discuss what it takes for someone who chooses to travel from home to another country to have a successful medical journey safely and with the best outcome possible.

Encouraged by colleagues, MTQUA was created in 2009 at the 2nd European Congress on Health Tourism in Budapest, Hungary.

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Nominate a World’s Best Hospital for Medical Tourists™

Medical Travel Quality Alliance Top 10 Worlds Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists 2013MTQUA annually publishes the list of the top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™, recognizing the hospitals that best meet our criteria for quality in patient care management for international traveling patients.

To nominate a hospital as a World’s Best Hospital for Medical Tourists™, please contact us.

To nominate your medical tourism service for outstanding quality in medical tourism, please contact us.

Get Medical Tourism Certification

Medical Travel Certified MTQUAMedical Travel Quality Alliance awards medical tourism certification to hospitals, clinics, physician practices and medical tourism companies and other service providers that meet specified criteria directed at improving quality and safety for medical travelers.

Recovery resorts and hotels, medical travel insurance companies, travel agencies featuring medical travel and other direct medical tourism service providers will benefit from certification and should consider it.

MTQUA certification is the only certification program developed by practitioners in medical tourism, with certification guidelines and standards based on practice and experience of leading medical travel professionals and international patient specialists. Read more …

MTQUA offers individual certification as Certified Medical Concierge, Certified Medical Travel Agent, and Certified International Patient Care Manager. Please contact us for details.

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Understand Best Practices in Medical Tourism

Best Practices in Medical TourismThe Best Practices in Medical Tourism publications from the Medical Travel Quality Alliance are written to educate and inform health care and service providers in the medical tourism “supply chain,” in order to focus attention on quality and safety practices in the treatment and care management of traveling international patients.

Contributors and authors of Best Practices in Medical Tourism papers include experienced medical tourism facilitators, international patient hospital managers, and international marketing specialists.

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